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Week 1 – Vikings v 49ers: What is the Australian way?

John Harms wonders what the reaction is to Jarryd Hayne’s debut, and whether fans think he can make it in the NFL.

49ers’ offseason farewells

49ers’ fan Josh Slocum takes a look at what is proving to be a fascinating offseason in San Francisco, with a coach and several key players departing and retiring.

How to alienate your fan base: A 10-step guide by Jed York, owner of the San Francisco 49ers

Like many San Francisco 49er fans, Josh Slocum is unhappy with the way that his team’s ownership has handled the Jim Harbaugh situation.

Matty Football Challenge: Week 2 Playoffs

Matty Football is back with his playoff picks for Week 2.

Matty Football Challenge: Playoffs Week 1

Matty Football is back with his playoff picks for Wild Card Weekend. The toughest game to pick he says, was Detroit at Dallas.

Week 17 – Dallas @ Washington: Getting with the program

Steve Baker is sick of hearing the words “program” and “team culture” in post-game sport-speak (across a raft of codes). But when it comes to the impact of Rolando McClain on the Dallas Cowboys defense, there are no two words that sum up the difference between playing football in January or thinking about the draft and pre-season training between Christmas and New Years’.

Bad at being bad: A few final thoughts on the Oakland Raiders

It’s been a long, tough year for Oakland Raider fans, so Greg McLeod keeps his comments brief – he’s happy to see 2014 in the rear view mirror.

Week 17 – Buffalo @ New England: The Pats look ahead as the Bills look to win

New England fan Sam Wilkinson watched his Patriots, missing plenty of starters, lose to Buffalo in Week 17. But he isn’t as upset as you would think, as the team tries to stay healthy for the playoffs.

Week 17 – Detroit @ Green Bay: “Because they’re the Lions.”

Ed Wyatt says he never expected the Detroit Lions to beat the Green Bay Packers in Sunday’s winner-take-all NFC North battle. Why? “Because they’re the Lions.”

The departure of coach Jim Harbaugh from the 49ers

With San Francisco saying adios to its very successful head coach Jim Harbaugh, our man Josh Slocum tries to make sense of the mess that the 49ers front office has created.

Matty Football Challenge: Week 17

This is it. Week 17 for our man Matty Football. He’s got some big-time picks this week and some fun facts too: did you know Carolina’s Ron Rivera has the second-best December record since 2011? Only Bill Belichick is better.

Week 16 – New England @ New York Jets: Escape from New York

New England fan Sam Wilkinson is relieved. The Patriots got a hard-earned win over the pesky Jets and with Denver’s loss on Monday Night Football, the road to the Super Bowl will go through Foxborough.

Week 16 – Indianapolis @ Dallas: December dreaming for Romo

James Caughlin says there’s something wrong in Dallas: no late season collapse by Tony Romo and no talk of sacking head coach Jason Garrett. Craziest of all, the Cowboys are headed to the playoffs.

Week 16: Atlanta @ New Orleans: A funeral with music

Ed Wyatt calls for a “jazz funeral” for the New Orleans Saints, who instead of dancing into the playoffs, bumbled and stumbled their way out of the NFL post-season.

Week 16 – Green Bay @ Tampa Bay: Just one more loss, please

Just one more week. Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa can’t wait for this season to end and he’s ready for the team to draft a marquee quarterback and start rebuilding.

Week 16 – San Diego @ San Francisco: when losing is (painful) winning?

Remember that old Split Enz song “Conflicting Emotions?” That’s what’s going on with 49ers’ fan Josh Slocum, who’s trying to find the balance between being competitive and planning for next season.

Matty Football Challenge: Week 16

Our man Matty Football makes his Week 16 picks, including a couple of surprises – the Jets at home plus the points? The Raiders at home against the Bills? Let’s see how he does.

Week 15 – Miami @ New England: Pats dole out revenge on ‘phins

New England fan Sam Wilkinson is happy with the Patriots revenge win over the Dolphins, but says the team needs to win its final two games to ensure home field advantage during the playoffs.

Week 15 – New Orleans @ Chicago: The Saints beat the ‘aints

When they were bad, the Saints used to be called the ‘aints and fans wore brown paper bags over their heads to remain anonymous. Ed Wyatt was stunned to see Chicago Bears fans bringing out the bags on Monday night.

Week 15 – Dallas @ Philadelphia: Frustrations and realizations

After a tough home loss to Dallas, Philadelphia fan Scott Langford assesses the season so far and especially the role that “luck” has played in the Eagles wins and losses.