Week 16 – Green Bay @ Tampa Bay: Just one more loss, please

Just one more week. Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa can’t wait for this season to end and he’s ready for the team to draft a marquee quarterback and start rebuilding.

Week 14 – Tampa Bay @ Detroit: Mailin’ it in for Mariota

That’s it for Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa. He knows the season is over and the best the team can hope for now is the #1 draft pick and a shot at Oregon’s star quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Week 13 – Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay: Nope, the Bucs aren’t going to the playoffs

Ahh, the perils of being a Tampa Bay fan. Declan Boffa watches his beloved Bucs throw another win away, as they find themselves officially eliminated from the post-season.

Week 12 – Tampa Bay @ Chicago: Josh and Lovie’s return gift for Chicago

Declan Boffa watches Tampa Bay blow another game, but ironically (hilariously?) the 2-9 Bucs are still in the playoff hunt in the woeful NFC South.

Week 11 – Tampa Bay @ Washington: Spread the Mike Evans love

Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa is excited for a change, after his Bucs cruised past Washington, with rookie wide receiver Mike Evans continuing his stellar season and setting a couple of records.

Week 9 – Tampa Bay @ Cleveland: A guide on how to shoot yourself in the foot

Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa deals with yet another frustrating loss. He sees a faint glimmer of hope, but wonders just how much this team actually cares about winning.

Week 7 – Cincinnati @ Indianapolis: Bengals drop a great, big donut in Indy

Declan Boffa checked in on the Cincinnati Bengals, who a week after putting up 37 in a tie with Carolina, were stymied and shut out 27-0 by Indianapolis.

Week 5 – Tampa Bay @ New Orleans: Bucs blow double digit lead to lose in OT

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ fan Declan Boffa suffers through another brutal loss, this one a real “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” effort.

Week 1 – Carolina @ Tampa Bay: McCown Madness Spoils Lovie’s Homecoming

Declan Boffa isn’t quite enamored of the “new look” Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who dug a deep hole for themselves against Carolina and couldn’t quite catch the Panthers.