Bad at being bad: A few final thoughts on the Oakland Raiders

The standings will show the Raiders ended up at 3-13.

The problem is that 3-13 was not good enough to get the top draft pick in the 2015 draft.

Surely the Raiders tracked the Buccaneers (2-14), Titans (2-14) and Jaguars (3-13) in an attempt to salvage something from the 2014-season wreckage.

Finishing fourth in the race for the number 1 draft pick, when the Raiders were a lock on that top pick halfway through the season, is of concern.

This might mean the Raiders were actually trying to win the games they won to the detriment of some possible 2015 pre-season joy.

Now the Raiders have to also battle with the likes of the 49ers and Falcons to find a head coach. Imagine how attractive the Raiders would be if they had secured the number 1 pick.

There is limited value in casting an eye across the 2014 Raiders. It is better to look forward at what the Raiders might look like in 2015. That is what I will be doing.


Melbourne, Australia based NFL fan (real and fantasy). First memory of the NFL is Super Bowl XVI (49ers v Bengals) in 1982. For reasons that cannot be recalled now, commenced following the Oakland Raiders at that time. Has seen two American football games live: December 1985 UTEP v Wyoming at Waverley Park and 2013 at Melbourne University.

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