Matty Football Challenge: Week 2 Playoffs

Matty Football is back with his playoff picks for Week 2.

About Matthew Proctor

As a fan of American Football and gambling this is a wonderful time of year. Working for a large European betting firm for years covering NFL and College football I was lucky enough to go head to head with some of the planets best football gamblers. Each week I'll do my best to tip you a winner but more importantly give you vital information for each game before putting down a wager. Good Luck and Good Punting!!

Week 12 – Baltimore @ New Orleans: Steve Smith Sr. rejuvenates the Ravens

James Caughlin watches the Ravens hand the Saints their third consecutive win at home and says a major inspirational force in the game – as he’s been all year – was veteran wide receiver Steve Smith Sr.

About James Caughlin

Growing up in Brisbane Australia, James got into the NFL during the 2000 season thanks to the Madden NFL video game. His cousins told him to use the Patriots (as a prank on him) but 3 Super Bowls and multiple winning season's later, he has had the last laugh. Now you will hear him yelling at the TV around 4am on a Monday morning watching every Patriots game live.

Week 8 – Baltimore @ Cincinnati: Missed by that much

Tony Reed wraps up the crucial NFC North contest between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. It almost had a fantastic finish. Almost.

About Tony Reed

A 49ers fan from the the Joe Montana days, now enjoys wearing his Kaepernick top when watching games

Week 3 – Baltimore @ Cleveland: Retrospect

His Cleveland Browns have a Week 4 bye, but Mike Erwin looks back at the Week 3 loss to Baltimore and wonders where everything went wrong.

The most horrifying statistic in sports

In light of the recent Ray Rice incident, Edward P. Olsen examines the ties between sports and domestic violence.

About Edward P. Olsen

EPO is a 30-something bloke who is equally passionate about sport and fantasy sport. While others toil away at the local indoor sports centre re-living their futile childhood dreams of being one of the best of all time, he types away at home re-living his futile childhood dream of being one of the world’s great columnists.

Week 2 – Pittsburgh @ Baltimore: We used to say “smashmouth” football

Ed Wyatt says the Pittsburgh @ Baltimore game was initially overshadowed by the ugly Ray Rice situation. Once the game started, it was a typical AFC North battle.

About Ed Wyatt

Ed Wyatt grew up in Halfway, Maryland, following the Baltimore Colts like his football coach father. When he lost his Bert Jones #7 jersey at the Lincolnshire Elementary School playground, he should have taken it as an omen, since the Colts left Baltimore for Indianapolis. Ed has managed to avoid full time work by talking on the radio, smiling on the television and tapping on the keyboard of his computer. He won a number of local Emmy awards with the Seattle-based comedy show Almost Live! and hosted the Super Bowl live on Australian television for nine years. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

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