Week 9 – Philadelphia @ Houston: Mark Sanchez: Should I be scared or excited?

Philadelphia fan Scott Langford says you can call him crazy but he thinks the Eagles are strong enough to survive an injury to starting quarterback Nick Foles.

About Scott Langford

Australia's Most Famous SUNY Cortland/Syracuse Alum Melbourne boy who belongs back in New York. Eagles fan who for some reason once wore a Giants Super Bowl ring. Current US collegiate athletic recruiter and advisor.

Week 6 – Indianapolis @ Houston: JJ, TY and a bunch of numbers

Ed Wyatt runs through some of the important numbers and marvels at JJ (Watt) and TY (Hilton) who both put on remarkable displays in the Colts’ 33-28 victory over the Texans.

About Ed Wyatt

Ed Wyatt grew up in Halfway, Maryland, following the Baltimore Colts like his football coach father. When he lost his Bert Jones #7 jersey at the Lincolnshire Elementary School playground, he should have taken it as an omen, since the Colts left Baltimore for Indianapolis. Ed has managed to avoid full time work by talking on the radio, smiling on the television and tapping on the keyboard of his computer. He won a number of local Emmy awards with the Seattle-based comedy show Almost Live! and hosted the Super Bowl live on Australian television for nine years. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

Week 4 – Buffalo @ Houston: Bills Playoff Bound?

Despite Buffalo’s loss to Houston and the removal of E.J. Manuel as starting quarterback, Sean Walsh sees blue skies ahead in what he believes is a winnable AFC East division.


Sean Walsh grew up in Regional Victoria at a time when only two sports existed, Australian Football in Winter and Cricket in Summer. Boarding school and University opened his eyes to a wider world of sport. A Buffalo Bills fan since 1991 thanks to Don Lane and his NFL highlights.

Week 2 – Houston @ Oakland: Watt next?

Raiders’ fan Greg McLeod checks in from Oakland, where the home team found themselves in big trouble against J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans.


Melbourne, Australia based NFL fan (real and fantasy). First memory of the NFL is Super Bowl XVI (49ers v Bengals) in 1982. For reasons that cannot be recalled now, commenced following the Oakland Raiders at that time. Has seen two American football games live: December 1985 UTEP v Wyoming at Waverley Park and 2013 at Melbourne University.

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