Week 12 – Kansas City @ Oakland: Raiders’ black hole takes down Chiefs

Hooray! For the first time in 2014, Greg McLeod gets to write about an Oakland win! The Raiders put on a late drive to sneak past the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 and give their home fans something to cheer about.


Melbourne, Australia based NFL fan (real and fantasy). First memory of the NFL is Super Bowl XVI (49ers v Bengals) in 1982. For reasons that cannot be recalled now, commenced following the Oakland Raiders at that time. Has seen two American football games live: December 1985 UTEP v Wyoming at Waverley Park and 2013 at Melbourne University.

Week 11 – Seattle @ Kansas City : I am the Walrus, Koo Koo Ka Choo

“The sea was angry that day my friends. Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli…” A very ornery Steve Baker checks in from Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs accounted for the reigning champions.

About Steve Baker

Steve Baker cashed in his horses for choppers and went tear-assing around 'Nam, looking for the shit. He's been known to chopper in t-bones and beer and turn the L-Z into a beach party. Steve's the defending 'Most Pessimistic Dallas Fan' champion and is in the midst of a life-long campaign to one day buy the Cowboys off Jerry Jones and end the madness. He's also chief button-pusher for the Footy Almanac Podcast, so you can blame him.

Week 10 – Kansas City @ Buffalo: The other side of the ledger

Sean Walsh says Buffalo’s effort was there, but inability to score in the red zone continues to be a problem as the Bills battle for a playoff spot.


Sean Walsh grew up in Regional Victoria at a time when only two sports existed, Australian Football in Winter and Cricket in Summer. Boarding school and University opened his eyes to a wider world of sport. A Buffalo Bills fan since 1991 thanks to Don Lane and his NFL highlights.

Week 4 – New England @ Kansas City: It all comes to a head at Arrowhead

On the back of a bad loss to Kansas City, Patriots’ fan Sam Wilkinson ponders the unthinkable: are we coming to the end of the Tom Brady era?


Sam Wilkinson lives in Melbourne, Australia. His appreciation for the New England Patriots sees him awake at some ridiculous hours just to catch their game. Like all Pats fans, he refuses to admit that one day Tom Brady will get old and have to retire.

Week 2 – Kansas City @ Denver: Mile High in London Town

Vicky T, a Colorado resident and Broncos’ fan now in London, stays up late to watch her team play for the first time since the Super Bowl loss to Seattle.

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