Week 16 – Green Bay @ Tampa Bay: Just one more loss, please

Just one more week. Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa can’t wait for this season to end and he’s ready for the team to draft a marquee quarterback and start rebuilding.

America’s craziest game show: “Who wants to win the NFC South?”

Ed Wyatt gives us an insight into the hottest new game show in America, “Who Wants To Win the NFC South?”

About Ed Wyatt

Ed Wyatt grew up in Halfway, Maryland, following the Baltimore Colts like his football coach father. When he lost his Bert Jones #7 jersey at the Lincolnshire Elementary School playground, he should have taken it as an omen, since the Colts left Baltimore for Indianapolis. Ed has managed to avoid full time work by talking on the radio, smiling on the television and tapping on the keyboard of his computer. He won a number of local Emmy awards with the Seattle-based comedy show Almost Live! and hosted the Super Bowl live on Australian television for nine years. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

Week 14 – Tampa Bay @ Detroit: Mailin’ it in for Mariota

That’s it for Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa. He knows the season is over and the best the team can hope for now is the #1 draft pick and a shot at Oregon’s star quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Week 13 – Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay: Nope, the Bucs aren’t going to the playoffs

Ahh, the perils of being a Tampa Bay fan. Declan Boffa watches his beloved Bucs throw another win away, as they find themselves officially eliminated from the post-season.

Week 12 – Tampa Bay @ Chicago: Josh and Lovie’s return gift for Chicago

Declan Boffa watches Tampa Bay blow another game, but ironically (hilariously?) the 2-9 Bucs are still in the playoff hunt in the woeful NFC South.

Week 11 – Tampa Bay @ Washington: Spread the Mike Evans love

Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa is excited for a change, after his Bucs cruised past Washington, with rookie wide receiver Mike Evans continuing his stellar season and setting a couple of records.

Week 10 – Atlanta @ Tampa Bay: Close, but maybe next time

For the second time in his life, Tony McLeod was in Tampa while the Bucs played Atlanta. And for the second time, he couldn’t make it to the game. But he did follow the proceedings.


Tony McLeod grew up in Melbourne, lives in Canberra and is spending 6 months in Colorado in 2014 where he is trying to get to as many Denver Broncos and University of Colorado Buffaloes games as possible. He is part of the generation introduced to the game by Don Lane via his elder brother.

Week 9 – Tampa Bay @ Cleveland: A guide on how to shoot yourself in the foot

Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa deals with yet another frustrating loss. He sees a faint glimmer of hope, but wonders just how much this team actually cares about winning.

Week 5 – Tampa Bay @ New Orleans: Bucs blow double digit lead to lose in OT

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ fan Declan Boffa suffers through another brutal loss, this one a real “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” effort.

Week 1 – Carolina @ Tampa Bay: McCown Madness Spoils Lovie’s Homecoming

Declan Boffa isn’t quite enamored of the “new look” Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who dug a deep hole for themselves against Carolina and couldn’t quite catch the Panthers.

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