Week 15 – Dallas @ Philadelphia: Embedded with the “screaming idiots”

It takes a brave man to wear a Dallas Cowboys’ jersey into Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. But Matt Walsh did just that and emerged from the madness to pen this story for us.

Week 15 – Arizona at St Louis: “That’s not a [defense]… THIS is a [defense].”

Steve Baker returns to the Pigskin Almanac with a shrewd analysis (with bonus socio/political commentary) of the Arizona Cardinals hard-fought win over the St. Louis Rams.

Matty Football Challenge: Week 15

He’s back. Matty Football has his Week 15 picks ready to go as the season moves towards crunch time. Oh, and if you’re thinking about betting on the Saints vs Bears, he says think again.

Week 14 – NY Giants @ Tennessee: Beckham can throw too!

Cody Royle loves what the Giants did to the Titans, but now has a message for the men in blue: don’t win too many more games.

Week 14 – New England @ San Diego: What is this Bieber Curse?

New England fan Sam Wilkinson was nervous when he saw some of the Patriots hanging with Justin Bieber. But fortunately the “Bieber Curse” didn’t affect the Pats in their game against San Diego.

Week 14 – Seattle @ Philadelphia: ‘Hawks returning to championship form

We knew that Seattle @ Philadelphia would be a big game, and James Caughlin says the result may be ominous for the rest of the NFL as the Seahawks start to find some serious form.

America’s craziest game show: “Who wants to win the NFC South?”

Ed Wyatt gives us an insight into the hottest new game show in America, “Who Wants To Win the NFC South?”

Week 14 – San Francisco vs Oakland: When irony comes to town

A week after calling for calm in San Francisco, Josh Slocum is forced to admits there are big problems in the 49er camp. A loss to lowly Oakland will do that.

Week 14 – Tampa Bay @ Detroit: Mailin’ it in for Mariota

That’s it for Tampa Bay fan Declan Boffa. He knows the season is over and the best the team can hope for now is the #1 draft pick and a shot at Oregon’s star quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Week 14 – Dallas @ Chicago: Cowboys arrest their tailspin

James Caughlin says that Dallas still has its issues on defense, but thanks to the hard work of DeMarco Murray and the offensive line (and a poor Bears’ team), the Cowboys remain in the playoff hunt.

Matty Football Challenge: Week 14

Matty Football is back with his Week 14 picks and some interesting facts and figures (eg Tom Brady is 5-0 lifetime against San Diego). See if you agree or disagree with his tips.

Week 13 – Oakland @ St. Louis: Normal service has resumed in Oakland

Greg McLeod gets right to the point: there isn’t much to say about Oakland’s 52-0 loss to St. Louis other than some very misleading statistics.

Week 13 – New England @ Green Bay: The Pats meet Aaron

New England fan Sam Wilkinson admires Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but hates the way he torments the Patriots in the game many called a Super Bowl preview.

Week 13 – Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay: Nope, the Bucs aren’t going to the playoffs

Ahh, the perils of being a Tampa Bay fan. Declan Boffa watches his beloved Bucs throw another win away, as they find themselves officially eliminated from the post-season.

Week 13 – Cleveland @ Buffalo: Can one play save a season?

Johnny Football may have gotten the headlines, but Buffalo got the win and Bills fan Sean Walsh says the season is, miraculously, still alive.

Week 13: Washington @ Indianapolis: A tale of two quarterbacks

James Caughlin can’t help but think about Draft Day 2012, when Indianapolis selected Andrew Luck #1 and Washington went #2 and picked Robert Griffin III. Since then, the careers of these top two QB’s have gone in different directions.

Chicken Little comes to San Francisco

Josh Slocum has a message for the media and his fellow 49ers fans: relax, calm down and remember the bad old days in San Francisco – the pre-Jim Harbaugh era.

Week 13 – NY Giants @ Jacksonville: Jags come back to bite Coughlin

New York Giants’ fan Cody Royle is frustrated: at his team, at his quarterback, at his coaching staff, at his front office. You get that way after a loss to the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars.

Week 13 – Seattle @ San Francisco: Ain’t no gunslinger today

Frustrated Forty Niners fan Tony Reed watches a painful Thanksgiving Day effort from his team and low-on-confidence quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Week 13: Chicago @ Detroit: Thanksgiving, Megatron and Milt Plum

Ed Wyatt says how about a helping of Milt Plum with your turkey and mashed potatoes? Detroit lost to Chicago in the first Thanksgiving Day game back in 1934 and 70 years later the Lions got their revenge.