The Matty Football Challenge: Week 3

Welcome to the Week 3 challenge. There will be no Ray Rice talk. No Adrian Peterson talk. And no Roger Goodell talk. Just football. And a little bit of gambling.

If you’re not happy with the picks, leave a comment at the bottom of the page and attempt to make me look stupid. (Shouldn’t be too difficult).

Picks in BOLD…(Picks have to cover the spread for me to get a WIN)

Buccaneers @ Falcons(-6.5) – ESPN Friday 10.25

After the Falcons impressed everyone with their Week 1 win at home against the Saints, they had a letdown against a very good Bengals team last week. Matty Ice fell back into some bad habits, throwing three picks and the Falcons got trounced. The Falcons defense stinks, but the winless Bucs D-Line is banged up and playing indoors in Atlanta is always tough.

Chargers (+2.5) @ Bills

Cowboys (-1.5) @Rams

Redskins (+6.5) @ Eagles – 7MATE Monday 3.00am

Kirk Cousins!! Finally!! I’m speaking for most Redskin fans who have been screaming out for Cousins to be given a go and he made an immediate impact. It came in unfortunate circumstances with RGIII dislocating an ankle but I think Cousins will give the Redskins a different dimension at QB. This looks like a shootout on paper, the Eagles look good on offense but are still trying to figure out the pass rush. Take the Skins with the points.

Texans (-2) @ Giants

The Giants stink…

Vikings @ Saints (-10.5)

Titans @ Bengals (-6.5)

Ravens @ Browns (-1.5)

Packers @ Lions (-1.5)

Hate to say it Packer fans but I’m worried. Real WORRIED! After a Week 1 pounding at the hands of the Seahawks, the response last week at home against a turgid Jets team was just ok. If it wasn’t for some ridiculous Jets decision making (taking a TO just before the snap for a game tying TD) the Packers could have been in trouble. They escaped, coming from 21-3 down and got their first win of the season. Rodgers has been so-so and the defense is banged up. Not good when you’re coming up against an electric Detroit offense. Vegas sharps have bet the Lions heavy and I agree. Detroit in a blowout.

Colts @ Jaguars(+6.5)

I know what you’re thinking. “He’s taking a team that has had 75 points scored against them in their last six quarters.” Yes I am. Reason: The Jags are home for the first time this season, they outplayed the Eagles for two and a half quarters in Philly and then against Washington they..they..well they stunk. No excuses, but remember this is the youngest team in the NFL. Half the team are 1st or 2nd year players so they’re going to take time. And they have one of the sharpest minds in the league coaching them, Gus Bradley. Trust me this team will be good in years to come. The Colts? Well Andrew Luck has finally run out of luck. This is a 6-10 team. Go Jags!

Raiders (+14.5) @ Patriots

49ers (-2.5) @ Cardinals

Broncos @ Seahawks (-4.5) – 7MATE Monday 6.25

Hoping last week was an aberration for the Seahawks. Maybe a loss they had to have to keep them on their toes. Whatever it was, it made a lot of other teams take notice that these Seahawks are in fact beatable. Just not at home. Seahawks by 10.

Chiefs @ DOLPHINS (-4.5)

Steelers (+3.5) @ Panthers- ESPN Monday 10.30

Not sure the Steelers can win but think they can stay within a field goal. It will be a tight, low scoring arm wrestle and in this situation I like to take the points.

Bears (+2.5) @ Jets – ESPN Tuesday 10.30

Cannot believe the Bears aren’t favourites for this game. If they play half as well as they did against the 49ers, they win. Maybe something to do with West coast – East coast travel, but still like the Bears here. The Jets have been better than I thought and their D-Line is one of the best in the league but I’m not sure they have enough points in them to beat an upbeat Bears team.

Season after Week 2: 18-14

Lock of the week: Lions -1.5


Good luck!!


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As a fan of American Football and gambling this is a wonderful time of year. Working for a large European betting firm for years covering NFL and College football I was lucky enough to go head to head with some of the planets best football gamblers. Each week I'll do my best to tip you a winner but more importantly give you vital information for each game before putting down a wager. Good Luck and Good Punting!!


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    If you’re looking for suckers Matty Football, then I’m the squid for you. A regular Shark Rotator Liftaway. A Dyson Cyclonic Bagless.

    And just as full of hot air.

    A five leg multi I’d be happy to bet on ‘agin’ ya …

    Give me –

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    I don’t see Detroit being the Cheesegrater, even at Home.

    What odds and betting minimum would you be prepared to offer sir?



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