The Matty Football Challenge: Week 4

Alright, Alright..So I went 11-5 ATS (against the spread) and my lock of the week belted a woeful Green Bay team. Hey, this is what I do. The haters out there are still holding their breath that I stink it up in week 4. Lets hope not..

Remember picks in bold……picks have to cover the spread for me to get a W.

Giants @ Redskins (-3.5) ESPN Friday 10.30

Kirk Cousins was brilliant last week and how the Redskins didn’t win with over 500 yards of offense against the Eagles does my head in. The Giants got me last week and even though they were sloppy early looked ok against the Texans. Arian Foster pulling out for the Texans helped. I’m surprised all the cash has been for the Giants in Vegas after opening up +5 they’re now +3.5 and firming. I love the Skins here and happy to give the points.

Interesting stat: Giants have won 9 out of last 12 against Skins, but Washington is 5-3 ATS when starting favorite since 2012.

Packers @ Bears (+2.5) 7Mate Monday 3.00

Remember last week how I said that Packer fans should be worried. Forget that. They should be curled up in the fetal position trembling. Rodgers looks shaky. Lacy can’t hold onto the ball. And the D-Line is banged up. They’re 28th on offense and one thing the Bears do well is score, so if the Packers can’t hold them out of the end zone they’re screwed. With targets like Jeffrey, Marshall and Bennett, Matt Forte in the backfield, the Bears are loaded and even though they’re not playing great, they’re getting it done. I think they beat the Pack.

Interesting stat: Packers have won 7 out of last 8 against Bears. (Remember Packers were 9 from last 10 against Lions before last week)

Bills @ Texans (-3.5)

Arian Foster was limited in practice Wednesday and is doubtful. I still think Texans win but watch for injury updates during the week. If Foster plays it’s a bet, if not, PASS..

Titans (+8.5) @ Colts

Panthers @ Ravens (-3.5)

Lions (-1.5) @ Jets

Bucs @ Steelers (-7.5)

Dolphins @ Raiders (+4.5)

Poor old England. Not only is the weather starting to turn ugly but the first of three NFL games to be played at Wembley will feature two teams with only 1 win between them this season. The disappointing Dolphins and the always underwhelming Raiders. Strange thing about this game is the Raiders arrived Monday but the Dolphins don’t arrive until Friday. This seems unusual to me as most of the Raiders players have already complained about adjusting to the new timezone and the Dolphins have given themselves only two days to acclimate themselves. They probably looked at the schedule and thought “It’s the Raiders, what are you kidding me?” That and the fact they would like to spend as short a time as possible in England. Fair enough.

The three games to be played in London have already sold 230,000 tickets which says to me, yes soccer is the most popular sport in Europe but when given the alternative of watching proper world class athletes play an exciting, high scoring sport mixed with amazing skill and courage, they will take it every time. They’re not stupid. Raiders by 7

Jags (+13.5) @ Chargers

The Blake Bortles era begins here. I don’t think they can beat the Chargers but two converted touchdowns is a lot to give up. They burned me last week but I still think the Jags can win five games. What??

Falcons @ Vikings (+2.5)

Eagles @ 49ers (-5.5) 7Mate Monday 6.30

The Eagles can’t keep doing it. Can they? Falling behind by double digits and winning has become Chip Kelly’s M.O. The 49ers are banged up and have looked terrible this season. There’s friction between Harbaugh and the players and Kaepernick looks like he checked out as soon as the ink dried on his $100 million contract. This one’s more with the gut than anything but I think the 49ers pull out enough to win it. If they don’t, 1-3 is hard to come back from.

Saints (-3.5) @ Cowboys ESPN Monday 10.30

Take this one to the bank. I think the Saints are ready to blow the doors off a game and I think it happens at JerryWorld. The Cowboys came from 21 down to beat the Rams last week, but if a 3rd string QB can throw 3 TD’s and force 450 yards of offense against you, can you imagine what Drew Brees will do. The Saints are slowly building and this one will kick-start the season. Saints by 21

Interesting stat: Brees is 4-1 against the Cowboys but more importantly 3-0 in Texas.

Patriots @ Chiefs (+3.5) ESPN Tuesday 10.30

The Patriots aren’t quite in the Packers basket yet, but if they lose Monday night they will be. Is it just me or does Brady look off? He’s missing targets, getting hit and when he does complete a pass, it’s barely beyond the line of scrimmage. One positive has been the Pats defense, but I like the Chiefs here. They shocked me with a win in Miami minus Jamaal Charles. That was huge, seeing Charles is responsible for 40% of their offense. I’m surprised we are getting this many points at home but I’ll happily take it.

Interesting stat: Brady has won 4/5 against Chiefs lifetime. But Brady’s record is good against most teams

Season: 29-19

Lock of the week (1-0): Saints -3.5


Good Luck!!

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As a fan of American Football and gambling this is a wonderful time of year. Working for a large European betting firm for years covering NFL and College football I was lucky enough to go head to head with some of the planets best football gamblers. Each week I'll do my best to tip you a winner but more importantly give you vital information for each game before putting down a wager. Good Luck and Good Punting!!


  1. Two out of three aint bad, but two out of five?
    But this squid still has some ink left …
    So …
    Five Again from me. Do you follow? Do you avoid? Of course that’s an easy choice says he. Ya gotta put some air under the ball – the hotter the better. Otherwise what’s the point? No use in being louche or meta.

    So, in the intetest of being earnest (this week… Hopefully next week I get to be Frank) my picks ‘agin’ Matty Football are:

    Falcons (speed hump in week 2 aside, Matty Ice in a dome? Gimme, gimme).
    Eagles (we had ’em, don’t let me down again)
    Cowboys (the Run Game. Don’t forget the Run)
    Panthers (can’t be as bad as last week again & Ravens due for a letdown).

    Hmmm. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, but I just painted myself into one. Here’s hoping it’s a frescoe.


    • Matty Football says:

      Hey gru,

      Appreciate your comments. I think you come up a little short this week with your Cowboys pick but good luck. Remember Vikings playing outdoors in the University of Minnesota stadium until their new dome is built in 2 years. Matty Ice outdoors???
      Anyway enjoy the weekend of football and I’m sure I’ll be hearing from you if I get it wrong. IF!

      Matty Football

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