Week 1 – Vikings v 49ers: What is the Australian way?

We have a rich sporting culture here in Australia. When it comes to football we are somewhat ecumenical.

You have the Mason-Dixon Line in the USA, which divides Yankees and Confederates, the north from the south.

Here in Australia we have the Barassi Line which divides the rugby league north (New South Wales and Queensland) from the Australian football south (all the other states).

Jarryd Hayne, who makes his debut for the 49ers today, and is one of the stories of world sport at the moment, is from our north (which is more like your south). He played rugby league in Sydney where he was a brilliant full-back –  a running player with strength and pace and superb evasive skills.

To use American terminology, he was an All Star player, and MVP (twice). One of the best players in the National Rugby League (NRL) where tough men battle it out (not wearing much padding or helmets).

Hayne is a creator and a finisher, a brilliant athlete who loves a challenge.

He also loves chaos which is one of the reasons he has a very good chance to make it on the specials team. Given the broken play of the punt return, and his ability as a runner and evader generally, he can use his athleticism and strength, and the Australian characteristic of IMPROVISED PLAY to make an impact in whatever role he is given. He responds as the game unfolds before his eyes. That is the Australian way.

From what you have seen of him, can Jarryd Hayne make it in the NFL?

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