Week 2 – Jacksonville @ Washington: No RG3, but KC1 gets it done

I made it home from the Emirates on Saturday not knowing how to feel. Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City may have been “good for football” and “one for the neutrals” but I couldn’t help feel as if we let them off the hook. Yes, City are the benchmark, but they had a weakened squad and we should have put them to the sword.

More than 24 hours later, it was time for the old switcheroo. I left my football shirt in the closet and put on a helmet. Ok, I don’t actually put on one of those bloody helmets, but I was – as Hank Williams The Lesser used to say – “ready for some football.”

After a disappointing Week 1 loss to Philadelphia, our London Jaguars hit the road again, this time to the District of Columbia (actually the state of Maryland) to play the Team That Shall Not Be Named.

Ok, it’s the Redskins, and if there was any concern that the nickname controversy would distract Washington it was put to rest midway through the second quarter as the home team built a 21-0 lead. Kirk Cousins, filling in for injured Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III (RG3), completed 22 of 33 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns.

RG3 left the game in the first quarter with what was later diagnosed as a dislocated ankle, continuing a horror run of injuries for the dynamic QB. He tore an ACL in his rookie season and had a similar injury in college at Baylor. Washington also lost wide receiver DeSean Jackson, but Cousins (can we call him KC1?) stepped in – as he has in the past – and led the team like he was the starter.

Our Jags courageously fought back with a magnificent 63-yard touchdown from Chad Henne to Marcedes “No It’s Not Mercedes” Lewis. That made it 21-7 at the half and gave me a slight bit of hope.

But like last week, we collapsed in the second half and could only muster a measly field goal. Three bloody points. Washington added two touchdowns and two field goals to their total, which made the final score 41-10.

That alone is a lopsided score, but check some of these statistics:

First downs: Washington 32, Jacksonville 8 (yes, that’s 8)
Rushing yards: Washington 191, Jacksonville 25 (yes, that’s 25)
Total yards: Washington 449, Jacksonville 148 (117 of those 148 yards came on two plays)
Sacks allowed: Washington 3, Jacksonville 10 (10 sacks allowed is a Jaguars’ team record)

Forget The Sound and the Fury or Finnegan’s Wake, that my good friends, is difficult reading. And oh, by the way, we’ve been outscored 81-17 in the first two weeks of the season.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming apparent that Chad Henne might not be the guy to lead us to the Promised Land (aka a victory) but calls for rookie Blake Bortles might be a bit premature. I’d don’t want him thrown to the wolves…yet.

Sept 14
FedEx Field, Landover MD (80,037)

Jacksonville 0 7 0 3 – 10
Washington 7 14 3 17 – 41

Passing: Kirk Cousins (WAS), 250 yds, 2 TD’s
Rushing: Alfred Morris (WAS), 22 car, 85 yds, 2 TD’s
Receiving: Niles Paul (WAS), 8 rec, 99 yds, 1 TD
Pigskin Almanac “Washington Monument” award: Kirk Cousins (WAS)

About Sir Damon

Sir Damon (may or may not be his real name) grew up in Los Angeles but has spent most of his life riding the Hammersmith & City line from Wood Lane to Baker Street. He was a fan of the old Scottish Claymores of NFL Europe and while highly skeptical that the Jacksonville Jaguars will become “London’s team,” he's willing to give it a shot.


  1. As a relative newcomer to the US (and to the sport), I headed out on the blue line to Morgan Boulevard to take in my first NFL game, as much out of curiosity as anything… And I really enjoyed it!

    Ok, it helped that Washington were dominant, but it was a great spectacle, and the crowd were so massively into it, notwithstanding RG3 doing down early. With all due respect to Damon’s team, their defence was positively Swiss cheese in composition, and Cousins’ receivers found holes at will.

    Somewhat weird venue though, way out in the outer ‘burbs, with nothing (apart from the occasional residence) in the vicinity. By Australian standards, the only parallel would be Waverley Park. In that sense, it is exactly the type of venue that I had understood US pro sporting teams had generally moving away from in recent years, seeking downturn venues instead. It’s easy to envisage the mooted proposal to develop a new stadium at the RFK site (more central, and within the DC boundary) gathering steam.

    I’m still reserving judgement on the “Redskins” name issue, conscious of local media reporting that indicates there are some very different opinions within the Native American community as to whether the word “redskin” is an offensive one or not. I don’t profess that it is my place to make a call on that, but my game-day experience was certainly that there is no malice in its use by the club or it’s supporters. They way the fans all shouted the words “Braves on the warpath” within the body of the Redskins’ theme song – well, that came across to me as more admiration than anything. But of course, offence can be done without malice intended, so I’ll park that one until I learn more.

    • Brad, thanks for the insightful comments. Really good stuff. If you want to go into a little more depth and write an article for us, we’d love to publish it!

      • Thanks, Ed. I’m sure I will at some stage. The Pigskin Almanac is a great initiative – I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with the Footy Almanac in Australia, and that’s built up a great community of real fans who just love writing about their sport. Great to see the same thing over here in the US.

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