Week 3 – Baltimore @ Cleveland: Retrospect

Well it took me a full week to recover from the Ravens loss. I just don’t get it. Brownies look great coming out of the gate, marching down the field [11 plays, 80 yards, 5:59] to an early first possession lead. Defense was up for the challenge, causing Flacco to bite a little harder on that mouth piece. Though down at the half, it really felt to me that Cleveland had the momentum coming out of halftime.

Opening possession, my boys march 80 yards in five minutes to recapture the lead and reinforce the tone that this is our house. Back and forth we go. Taliaferro scores, and then Cleveland goes another 80 yards for a touchdown. I mean it’s really feeling like we’re going lock this baby down. If only our games would consist of three quarters instead of four, because if there is one thing the Browns lack, it’s the ability to close the deal. 

And sure enough, here we are again in a very familiar position.  As if someone flipped a switch, we are unable to even move the ball.

Cundiff misses another field goal…urghhh. Come on dude, really!

Then another field goal attempt is blocked…arghh. The vein in my forehead is throbbing, I’m gritting my teeth and my wife is wondering why all the pillows are on the floor.

Oh but the Ravens don’t have any problems making their field goals; two to be exact which ultimately puts them ahead for good.

Why can’t we close the deal? I look back and this team really should be 3-0. Is it the coaching, conditioning, or simply a lack of desire? It’s not like we haven’t been here before, but after that game I did not even want to hear the word “football.”

But now I am back. Both the team and I took a week off, regrouped and now are ready to kick some butt. Next week we go to Tennessee to unload two weeks of frustration on the Titans. Stay with me, we are going to make this a winning season after all.

Go Browns!

Sept 21
FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland OH

Baltimore:  3 7 7 6 – 23
Cleveland:  7 0 14 0 – 26
Passing: Brian Hoyer (CLE), 290 yds, 1 TD
Rushing: Lorenzo Taliaferro (BAL), 18 car, 91 yds, 1 TD
Receiving: Steve Smith Sr (BAL), 5 rec, 101 yds
Pigskin Almanac “Dawg Pound” award: Brian Hoyer (CLE)

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