Week 3 – Washington @ Philidelphia. New beginnings and missed opportunities.

By Jordan Breust.






It’s a beautiful clear day in Boston as I make the long walk down Cambridge Street on route to Harvard Square to watch my Redskins take on the Eagles. I moved to Boston with my wife three months ago – jobs at Harvard University are hard to turn down.


It’s a sports mad town, but watching the Redskins has always been a family affair. I’m feeling rudderless and looking to forge new traditions. Luckily Chris – a lifelong friend from DC, has similarly moved here to work at a large university.


This will be our first Redskins game together for quite a while.


I stew over the game on the walk. How would an injured DeSean Jackson perform on his return to Philadelphia? Could Kirk Cousins cover for RGIII? How would my personal favorite Pierre Garcon perform against a defense that seems to run hot and cold? He was great Week 1, but seemed a bit off Week 2…


I entered the bar. The sort of “traditional alehouse” with shiny new wood and sparkling stain glass that I usually find slightly jarring. I’m not the only one trying to forge new traditions it seems.


With the Pats playing concurrently we find a fairly abandoned corner with our game on and grab a few stouts to nurse. It was good to see Chris alone. His partner is a beautiful woman no doubt, but too well groomed for my liking. I never really warm to women with French polished nails.


The game kicks off and almost immediately it is clear that Cousins is well and truly up to the task. Redskins dominate the opening minutes with Garcon looking dangerous. Darrel Young then pops up in the end zone for the third week in a row and its 7-zip.


The joy was short-lived however, with the Eagles replying immediately with Polk returning the kickoff 100 yards. I had a feeling that this would haunt the Redskins.


With a refreshing pilsner in hand, the disappointment subsides as Cousins continues a near faultless start resulting in a Garcon TD . When Forbath nails a 49 yard field goal the Redskins were up 17-7 half way through the second.


The Eagles defense was really struggling, but their offense began to work in to the game. Foles showed some class of his own and rookie Jordan Matthews delivered his first career TD. Good for my fantasy team, bad for the Redskins. A Foley bullet over the top to Riley and Matthews had a second just before the half.


Incredibly the Redskins were behind 21-20.


The third quarter was disastrous in parts. The Eagles offensive line lost their third starter for the season when Kelce when down injured, yet the Redskins never really put Foles under any pressure. To make matters worse DeAngelo Hall went down with a calf injury with no one near him – a sure sign he has snapped an Achilles and his season will be in jeopardy.


Halfway through the third and the Redskins had coughed up 8 penalties for 105 yards. Add that to the return touchdown, the fact that the Eagles defense was back on track and a scoreline of 27-20 and my mood was turning sour.


Right on cue, up stepped DeSean Jackson. Cousins finally challenged the Philly secondary and connected for an 81-yard play. DeSean obviously loved the moment – backing up over the line and delivering a “fly, Eagles, fly/kick to the curb” celebration. Once I was comfortable that it wasn’t going to get flagged, it brought a smile to my face. Game tied at 27.


The fourth quarter was another disaster. Forbath missed a sitter with about 10 minutes on the clock, then the pivotal moment of the game saw an apparent Breeland interception followed up by Chris Baker smashing Foles behind play. A stupid, effective hit sure to be frowned on by the league office. The ensuing brawl saw Jason Peters join Baker in being ejected from the game.


With the interception correctly overruled and Foles recovering, the Eagles then make the decisive break. Maclin came roaring into the game with a pivotal catch and then TD, which was then followed by a field goal to open up a 37-27 lead with around five minutes remaining. Another stout was called for.


Hopes were raised in the bar when Helu ran in a TD with around four minutes game time remaining. Almost simultaneously Chris’ girlfriend rang. Seems like Chris was off to the Stoughton IKEA in 30 minutes, a crushing blow for those hoping to hang around for the Super Bowl rematch.


We put this behind us and willed the Redskins on. The defense stood up and delivered Cousins a chance to engineer a game winning drive, but unfortunately he couldn’t even get within field goal range. A 37-34 loss


Post game talk strays from the great showing by Cousins to the imminent arrival of Chris’ girlfriend. He seems unsettled as he reports in that she came to watch him play soccer out of town last week, but was distraught when she had to use a portable toilet – a first for her! It also seems that they had an argument about wasting weekends watching football in bars.


Chris seemed to be searching for me to tell him to dump her, but like the Redskins, I let the opportunity pass. His phone beeps and forlornly I said goodbye to my Redskins comrade as he trudged off to join hordes of students lugging flat packs around a giant maze.


Sept 21

Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia PA (69,596)


Washington   14 6   7 7 – 37

Philadelphia   7 14 6 10 – 34


Passing: Kirk Cousins (WAS), 427 yds, 3 TD, 1 INT

Rushing: Alfred Morris (WAS), 23 car, 77 yds

Receiving: Jeremy Maclin (PHI), 8 rec, 154 yds, 1 TD

Pigskin Almanac “That’s My Quarterback!” award: Jason Peters








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